PARKOMAT International Ltd. was founded to manufacture, install, maintain and manage PARKOMAT solutions worldwide. The company is led by experienced entrepreneurs with vast experience in business and technology.

The company's chairman and Parkomat's inventor is Mr. Iztchak Givati.

Mr. Givati has more then 50 years of experience in hydraulics and controlled based systems. In his long and successful career Mr. Givaati has patented, designed and manufactured many commercial hydraulic based solutions such as:
  • Agriculture sector- Multi-Purpose Front-end Loaders, Date Pickers, Self-Propelled Arial Work Platforms, Cotton gins etc.
  • Municipal public sector - Garbage disposal and compactor systems, towed and self-propelled beach cleaners, truck mounted arial work platforms
  • Mechanical and hydraulic lifting equipment sector - Truck mounted cranes, car retrieval and towing mechanisms, police anti-terror heavy robot systems, and more.

Mr Givaati is also the chairman of the board of Hydco Industries G.S. Ltd, that has a manufacturing plant in Gan Yavne. Hydco leads the Israel market in design and installations of truck mounted hydraulic cranes of up to 250 ton and transporting truck, with an option for 2-5 cars.

Mr. Givati also served as an outsider professional participant in the Israeli Standards Institute & the Ministry of Transportation Committee, for preparing the Official Israeli Standard of "Equipment for Power Driven Parking of Motor Vehicles – Safety and EMC requirements for Design, Manufacturing and Commissioning Stages" - SI 5437.

The company is currently looking for partners interested in collaborating in marketing PARKOMAT solutions in various territories.

The company is also exploring the option to build a group of investors that will be interested in financing projects of PARKOMAT and share with the company the revenues this parking solution shall generate in the next few years.

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